Since 1980 and we're still a wholly owned Mom'n'Pop business.

Located in Westlake Village

Welcome to The Flue Bug Chimney Sweep and Laundry Duct Cleaning Service

When it’s time to clean your fireplace, give The Flue Bug Chimney Sweep a call to get the job done without all the mess! We know everything there is to know about preventing soot damage to the inside of your home as well as making your fireplaces work more efficiently than ever.

Laundry dryer ducts cleaned with lint rooter

Mark Lichterman-Owner


Our work at The Flue Bug Chimney Sweep is 100 percent quality guaranteed!

My Specialties: 

  • Laundry duct cleaning with lint rooter
  • Chimney sweep and inspection
  • Flue caps and chimney top dampers installed
  • Minimal repairs equal honest inspection
  • I will call even if I think I'll be running late.
  • Pressurized smoke test and video inspections
  • Providing safety and efficiency for your family
  • Safety inspection
  • Owner operated since 1980

Mark Lichterman is a published author, for information on his books CLICK HERE

Anyone can buy a brush and push it up and down a filthy chimney, but the trick is how to contain the soot. You might save the cost of a Chimney Sweep, but repainting the walls and ceiling? Shampooing the furniture and carpet? Not too cost efficient I'd say. And falling off the roof isn't too great either.

Latest News:

The Climbing Boy has been optioned for a major motion picture. To read more click here.

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